Invitation|2022ECNU International Forum for Young Scientists (Scholars) --- Sub-Forum in School of Urban and Regional Science

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Invitation2022ECNU International Forum for Young Scientists (Scholars) --- Sub-Forum in School of Urban and Regional Science


I. Introduction of the Forum and Its Requirements


I. Introduction


To promote the academic exchange and deepen the cooperation with outstanding young scholars at home and abroad, ECNU has taken the initiative to host the annual International Forum for Young Scientists (Scholars) online on April 9, 2022. During this forum, the School of Urban and Regional Science will also host the online sub-forumApril 10, 2022. By means of the special reports, academic seminars, the sub-forum aims at enhancing the understanding of Shanghai, ECNU, and the School of Urban and Regional Science by the outstanding young scholars at home and abroad.


II. Application Requirements


Research Areas: Human-Economic Geography, Physical Geography, Geographical Information Science, etc.


Young scientists (scholars) should be under the age of 40. They should have the doctoral degrees of prestigious universities or research institutions at home and abroad, and have made outstanding academic achievements in the frontier area of their academic pursuits, which have significant influence.


III.Application Methods


Those outstanding talents who intend to participate in the forum could register in the Forum for Young Scientists on the Talent Recruitment Platform of ECNU from now on, and the website is http://www.jobs.ecnu.edu.cn. They can also register by scanning the WeChat QR code below.


Deadline for online application: April 2,2022


The School of Urban and Regional Science will invite some of the young scientists to attend the online forum by selecting the applications.


IV. Contact information


Recruitment Office at the Personnel Department of ECNU


Tel: +86-21-34756886


Contact: Mr. Wang (cwang@bio.ecnu.edu.cn


School of Urban and Regional Science




Contact Information

Contact: Ms.Li

Tel: +86-21-54341305



V.  ECNU and the School of Urban and Regional Science




East China Normal University is one of the national "Double First-Rate" universities (Category A) located in Shanghai, a cultural metropolis and the center for international economy, finance, trade, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation.


Inspired by its vision of Creativity, Character and Community, ECNU, while continuing to lead China's teacher education, is working hard towards the goal of becoming an internationally renowned high-level research university with a number of first-class disciplines and well-coordinated interdisciplinary development. It strives to achieve the goal of building itself into a world first-rate university by the mid-21st century.


Please visit www.ecnu.edu.cn/


(2) School of Urban & Regional Science


As a research and teaching entity focusing on human geography, School of Urban & Regional Science of East China Normal University has doctoral and master's programs for human geography and regional economics, in which, human geography is in the first batch of doctoral and master's programs approved by China and it is the key discipline both in Shanghai and China, whose comprehensive research strength holds a leading position in the nation. The school’s doctoral and master's programs in regional economics mainly rely on the development advantages of economic geography. It has formed distinctive features in terms of multiple research areas.


The School consists of Department of Urban Geography, Department of Economics Geography and Department of Regional Geography. It has multiple national-level and provincial-level research bases such as the Research Center of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development as the strategic research base of soft science in the institutions of higher learning, which is approved by the Ministry of Education, the Research Center for China Administrative Division as the policy and  theoretical research base of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Research Center for Yangtze River Delta Integration as one of the Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Bases, and Shanghai Soft Science Research Base---American Innovation and Development Research Center. And it is also one of the main supporting institutions for the Center for Modern Chinese City Studies as the Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Ministry of Education.


Please visit /